Typical Relationship Complaints

Lending An Ear To Typical Relationship Complaints

It is not uncommon to hear couples and married people complain about their better half. When two people are involved in a lengthy relationship it becomes all too easy to find fault in each other. Sadly, these complaints can lead to an unhappy life, especially if they are the constant topic of conversation.

conversation-799448_1920Whether it is complaining about a lack of help or a personality glitch, we have all heard this moaning. Truth be told, most of us have found something annoying about our better half and have complained to our friends and families about it. Some people think that women tend to complain the most, but this is not true. Men can be just as nit-picky as women, they just tend to be less open about their problems at home.

If a group of men get together they are more likely to talk about a game or race, but if a guy is hanging with his best of pals he is more prone to mention problems at home. Sex, household chores, hygiene, and a person’s mess making ability are among the most common complaints that are heard from men and women about their other half.

Over the years these complaints have been heard so much that they are quite often included in stand up comedy routines and used in movie plots. It’s kind of odd to think that our great grandparents may have had some of the very same complaints we do. It is not unusual to overhear women chatting about their husbands or boyfriends leaving dirty clothing on the floor, or the fact that they never get help with the dishes and cooking.

Another common complaint is the lack of income or a spouse that does not pull their weight financially. These types of complaints can get worse as time progresses and after the newness of a relationship has faded. Even though we might laugh and joke about a friend’s husband or wife, the truth is we should encourage the couple to work harder to eliminate issues that lead to unhappiness.

Many couples have actually split up over frivolous issues as a result of not being encouraged to work things out. If a friend is going through problems at home that can easily be solved and we should encourage them to work things out. Occasionally it might even be wise to suggest marital counseling if the problems are severe enough.

Since none of us are perfect we should all strive to reach a better understanding of our partners and try to make things work instead of complain and end a relationship. Complaining does little to repair a relationship and can actually lead to depression and other emotional issues. A couple that takes the time to communicate with each other and work hard on issues that arise is a couple that can last a long time.

It can be complicated when a friend or family member starts making his or her complaints the topic of every conversation. When problems start to monopolize a relationship it can be frustrating to be unable to help. Sometimes the best thing we can do is always lend a shoulder, an ear, and a quiet mouth.

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